Thursday, May 20, 2010


SORRY GUYS i've been so busy and stuff!

Here are some things that have happened while i have been super anti-social on here

-i broke my wacom tablet :( because im a coke addict and by accident it spilled over it : see here what happaned!!!!

So i spent about an hour and a half on the phone with the insurance company, and they didnt even help and said they would call within 10 business days...assholes

I SWEAR people just make shit sooo difficult! they kept transferring me between like 7 people... -.- sooooo annoying!
so now i will be behind on my retouching which sucks -.- but whateverrrrrrrr

GOOD THINGS that happaned!!

I'm shooting Brooke from Wilhelmina tomorrow :D

ANYWAYS thats for now! :D

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Things that I have been up too

SOOOO sorry this blog wont be about any tips/advices about photography.
I will write a little about what I have been up to and update you guys on things that will be coming up in a bit. Currently I am re-making my whole website with James Zanoni (whos a motion graphic designer and a friend of mine )

Currently I have been doing a bunch of shoots with agencies as test, but I will release those once my new site is up. I just realized on my flickr that I barely have uploaded any NEW work. But it's okay, i'll be uploading A LOT in a few. This coming week I will have at least 2-3 tests :D So hopefully I'll have more work for my portfolio.

My last shoot I worked with Supreme Model Management :)
AMAZING model , hair, makeup, styling, actually working on the story now. I dont know when I will be able to release it, but hopefully soon :D
This was the model, Sophia :

She was amazing and so was the team, originally we were supposed to shoot in the studio, but it was just way too nice outside!!
Sorry but studio is so boring for me, unless it's beauty work. Also I shot my first guy! So watch out for those images on my site soon.

Random! I found out that two girls in my school are signed with Elite Models :D
I've been speaking to one of them, Umi. She's amazing!!! Really a nice girl, hope to shoot her sometime soon.
This is her :


Lara and Damon were here to visit! I stayed with them for a few nights and it was awesome! :)
I'll miss them a bunch, but hopefully I will see them very soon! You can go on my flickr to see one of the images I took of Lara here

HMMMMMM what else, that's probably all I have been up too!

I also wasn't supposed to be graduating, but that got resolved yesterday , so now I am :)
It's been one stressful week, and tomorrow I am going over my shoots with Andre. Going to figure out what to post of my site and what not too. Writing my Bio and working on designing the business cards >.<

ANYWAYS! Hopefully I will be able to write soon about some tips and tricks!