Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So rescently I spilled coke all over my tablet and I came across an amazing retoucher , M Seth Jones . He was kind enough to write a blog about me that you can view here
And it's very true, I have some amazing photoshoots coming up in the next month or so.
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This is the image that he retouched for me :



Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup Italy VS. Slovakia

WOW So I just watched the game and let me tell you. So far the most intense game on the field for sure. Personally I am very happy for Slovakia because it's their first world cup as an independent nation and they won from last world cup champions. So now that two of the worlds most respected teams are out (France and Italy) , this should only get more and more interesting.

Slovakia 3 : Italy 2

I am still on team Brazil! Tomorrows game between Brazil and Portugal is going to be insane...and I have graduation but I'll be watching it off my iphone! <3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eric Bell @ Fusion Models

Okay so, I dont really ever shoot guys, and I decided that I will start doing some of that on the side. Just to have ore diversity in my book. Anyways I shot my friend Eric the other day and put this lotion stuff I bought at LUSH which made his skin very oily, aka why he looks so shiny. Anyways lately I have been obsessed with hard light :D

I dont ever use lights outside on my location shoots. It's all natural light , sometimes i fill in light with a reflector. So if you guys were wondering what I use on location, its my camera and my little brain. Playing around with light is very helpful. Walk around your model, see how the light hits, take a few test shots think about it, cause later on you'll regret it when you are editing the shoot. ANYWAYS , that's all for this blog

Thank You

I just was going through my deviant art and reading many many many comments people have left me, I hope you guys dont think that I dont look at them. I really do. And some of them definitely made me cry, I appreciate all the support from all of you. It really means the world to me. When I started out with photography I had no support what's so ever and a lot of you really made me confident and keep going at it. It's truly so amazing knowing that so many people believe in me and appreciate my work so much!! Words cant describe how grateful I really am for having your support. So a million times thank you all! <3

Test shoot with Brooke @ Wilhelmina (small behind the scenes by Andrew Emerson)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm back

Sorry guys the past few weeks of my life have been a bit hectic. I was finishing up school and I had to work and I had to do a lot in order to graduate. But I am done with school. Thank god. This saturday is my prom, and next friday is my graduation!
AGHHHH I am so excited for not having school on my back. It's been holding me back from doing many things.

I am very excited for my year off, should be very interesting. It hasn't hit me yet that that's it. My school life is OVER. No more.

I want to talk about some things that have been on my mind about my industry.
First of all it's very tough and I hate how people think it's easy and that I'm making thousands of dollars and cause i'm in nyc it makes it easier for me to get work. No, competition here is very high. BUT on that note, one thing i learned is to never let anyone put you down and dont ever listen to mean comments that people say. One reason for them trying to make you feel like shit is so that you would give up. There always will be someone to try and make you want to give up and if there is. Keep your chin high and dont listen to them. Dont get upset or mad or irritated. It's a waste of time. Get a cup of coffee or tea and just chill out and keep doing what you love because in the end, it's what makes you happy and it will only kill them deeper inside that you succeed.

One of my friends, I never had someone believe in me like she does. And sometimes when a rode for me gets tough , she's always there to support me , unlike other people.

Anyways, I think that's all for this blog. I shall write one tomorrow on some tips for photography.


P.S. For those who haven't seen! I shaved both of my sides!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


SORRY GUYS i've been so busy and stuff!

Here are some things that have happened while i have been super anti-social on here

-i broke my wacom tablet :( because im a coke addict and by accident it spilled over it : see here what happaned!!!!

So i spent about an hour and a half on the phone with the insurance company, and they didnt even help and said they would call within 10 business days...assholes

I SWEAR people just make shit sooo difficult! they kept transferring me between like 7 people... -.- sooooo annoying!
so now i will be behind on my retouching which sucks -.- but whateverrrrrrrr

GOOD THINGS that happaned!!

I'm shooting Brooke from Wilhelmina tomorrow :D

ANYWAYS thats for now! :D

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Things that I have been up too

SOOOO sorry this blog wont be about any tips/advices about photography.
I will write a little about what I have been up to and update you guys on things that will be coming up in a bit. Currently I am re-making my whole website with James Zanoni (whos a motion graphic designer and a friend of mine )

Currently I have been doing a bunch of shoots with agencies as test, but I will release those once my new site is up. I just realized on my flickr that I barely have uploaded any NEW work. But it's okay, i'll be uploading A LOT in a few. This coming week I will have at least 2-3 tests :D So hopefully I'll have more work for my portfolio.

My last shoot I worked with Supreme Model Management :)
AMAZING model , hair, makeup, styling, actually working on the story now. I dont know when I will be able to release it, but hopefully soon :D
This was the model, Sophia :

She was amazing and so was the team, originally we were supposed to shoot in the studio, but it was just way too nice outside!!
Sorry but studio is so boring for me, unless it's beauty work. Also I shot my first guy! So watch out for those images on my site soon.

Random! I found out that two girls in my school are signed with Elite Models :D
I've been speaking to one of them, Umi. She's amazing!!! Really a nice girl, hope to shoot her sometime soon.
This is her :


Lara and Damon were here to visit! I stayed with them for a few nights and it was awesome! :)
I'll miss them a bunch, but hopefully I will see them very soon! You can go on my flickr to see one of the images I took of Lara here

HMMMMMM what else, that's probably all I have been up too!

I also wasn't supposed to be graduating, but that got resolved yesterday , so now I am :)
It's been one stressful week, and tomorrow I am going over my shoots with Andre. Going to figure out what to post of my site and what not too. Writing my Bio and working on designing the business cards >.<

ANYWAYS! Hopefully I will be able to write soon about some tips and tricks!