Thursday, May 20, 2010


SORRY GUYS i've been so busy and stuff!

Here are some things that have happened while i have been super anti-social on here

-i broke my wacom tablet :( because im a coke addict and by accident it spilled over it : see here what happaned!!!!

So i spent about an hour and a half on the phone with the insurance company, and they didnt even help and said they would call within 10 business days...assholes

I SWEAR people just make shit sooo difficult! they kept transferring me between like 7 people... -.- sooooo annoying!
so now i will be behind on my retouching which sucks -.- but whateverrrrrrrr

GOOD THINGS that happaned!!

I'm shooting Brooke from Wilhelmina tomorrow :D

ANYWAYS thats for now! :D

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  1. Sadness about the Wacom!! At least it is insured, would be horrible if you had to buy a new one out of pocket.