Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eric Bell @ Fusion Models

Okay so, I dont really ever shoot guys, and I decided that I will start doing some of that on the side. Just to have ore diversity in my book. Anyways I shot my friend Eric the other day and put this lotion stuff I bought at LUSH which made his skin very oily, aka why he looks so shiny. Anyways lately I have been obsessed with hard light :D

I dont ever use lights outside on my location shoots. It's all natural light , sometimes i fill in light with a reflector. So if you guys were wondering what I use on location, its my camera and my little brain. Playing around with light is very helpful. Walk around your model, see how the light hits, take a few test shots think about it, cause later on you'll regret it when you are editing the shoot. ANYWAYS , that's all for this blog

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