Wednesday, April 21, 2010

camera or lens?

Sorry okay so this is something i get asked ALL THE TIME!
To be honest with you , I think it's some what of an obvious answer. THE LENS :) for sure, if you plan on sticking with the same brand for a while. Invest in lenses more then the body. I made a mistake and bought a new body instead of the 85mm f/1.2 and I want to beat myself up for it. Just please. You can do so much more with different lenses then the body.
I feel like there are way more options with the lens then the body.

What are your inputs on this? Lens or body?

I love shallow DOF so for me, the lower the f-stop the better. And I am obsessed with prime lenses. <3


  1. I definitely agree, lenses. Body's update constantly, but when you by a good lens, you almost never have to replace it.

    Unfortunately I had to buy a new body first because my old body died on me :P But I bought a new lens to go with it and plan on buying more in the coming year.

  2. I agree about the lens being the bearer of quality in the body vs lens battle here. But I do think you made a good choice upgrading from the XTi to your 5D. Full frame, baby.

  3. I don't think there's a definite answer for this. They're both important, but of course a professional would invest more on lenses than the body.
    It's a silly, ambiguous question anyway.

  4. Yes I partially agree with you :)
    Lenses are better investment but only if you don't need the advantage from an brand new hi-tech full frame or medium format camera. I mean the advantage of high noise-less ISO setting or bigger sensor size with lot of mega-pixels more than 20 or so for big advertising billboard's for example etc.
    In my situation investing in lighting is also more suitable than investing in body...

  5. @Gjore
    I think you mean "high ISO; less noise"

  6. I would say It's always Lens first then Body. I'm at the point now where I have a Tele lens that I use quite often but it not a very fast lens at all. So it can be quite difficult to shot with. Its doesn't have IS (all be it not essential) Its focusing motor is terribly loud so in quiet situations such as weddings it's a complete No no. I'm looking to upgrade to a better lens I want to get one that's a little wider maybe 70mm - 200m or 300mm something like that. Obvously the more money I pay the better f-Stops i'll be able to get giving me a quicker shtter. But the 1000D I'm using atm is a good camera but itsn't particularly fantastic at shooting low light.
    So i'm tore between and lens upgrade and body upgrade. for me though I'm thinking Lens before body.