Sunday, April 25, 2010


I started out with self portraits because I never had models. I just wanted to play around with photography and light and poses.
Anyways. This is how i did it, and most of you will be very surprised.

I had the 400D and a remote control for it. The RC-1 which you can buy on amazon for about 15-20$. I would put the camera on self-timer. The remote control would allow me to have the camera focus on my face. Nothing complicated. I'd set my camera on the window sill in my room and i'd sit on the floor playing model. I'd obviously test the light before . I'd put a stuffed animal to where i'd be sitting and see how the light hits and switch my aperture and shutter speed. SOOOO That's about it. If you have a tripod it's probably easier, I still dont have one till today. Now that I have the 5D I haven't had a chance to buy a remote control for it, and I probably wont. Just doing photography now and enjoying it much more.
OHHHH and I would sometimes hold the reflector under to give more light and shine.

The window I used for 95% of my self portraits :

Results :

Ok also the photos where I had the white background, i'd put my camera on my book shelf and pose standing on my bed against the white wall, nothing complicated.

Result :

In some photo's i'd use the 430EX speed light, but I sold that :( soooo maybe like 3-4 f my self-portraits were taken with that.

Hope that helped you guys, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!



  1. Great post Hannah :)
    I still have to buy a remote for mine but buying the 50mm f1.8 its enough investement for a month ^-^

    By the way, the images are cut because of your layout :(


  2. I loved doing self-portraits for years. It's actually a fun way to de-stress. Your selfies have always been great :)

  3. hey! i love your self-portraits, they're my favorite of all your work :) you're so gorgeous and it's great to see the pictures you take of yourself.
    i've been watching you on deviantart (that sounds so creepy :/ haha) for years, and it's so great to see what you're getting into and all the work you've done and all you've accomplished. you've developed so much and i just thought i'd tell you that you always post stuff that inspire you, and they're great, but you're my inspiration :)
    you said you'd do tutorials some time soon, i'm looking forward to that. it would be awesome to learn stuff from you. you, lara, and joey lawrence are my all time favorite photographers. i was so excited when i saw the work you've done with lara! it's wonderful.
    i'm sorry this comment is super long, but i wanted to write this somewhere you'd -hopefully- see.
    i'm nightdimness on deviantart, i'm not a great photographer but you inspire me to do stuff. i'm actually an interior design student but i absolutely love photography. i just have a hard time doing stuff due to the lack of time (i never knew interior design is so hard :/) and there aren't that many photography opportunities where i live (i live in dubai).

    i'm sorry about the long ass comment >_<