Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay, so when I first started photography. I never really researched photographers or models. I knew probably like .2% about photography. SO recently I've started doing my research and studying history of photo and so on.
For my inspiration. Every-time I come up with idea's for photoshoots i make a folder named something like : Inspiration for W test.
Then every-time i find something super cool that fits that style of a photoshoot i put it in the folder. For makeup, hair, styling, model look, lighting, so on. Sometimes preparing for a photoshoot might take longer then you think, i draw ideas out and vision images in my head i want to create as an end result.

Anyways for the past few months HUGE inspirations have been :
Photographers : Tim Walker
Jamie Nelson
Andre Scnheinder
Camila Akrans

Paolo Roversi

Musicians :
City and Colour
Regina Spektor
The Knife
Bright Eyes
The Devil Wears Prada


If you find something you inspired and just go out there and create!

Leave me a comment and tell me what inspires you!!!


  1. I get a lot of inspiration from music. The Knife is really great!

  2. <3 music is huge inspiration too me, but i dont have a camera to take the shots i want to take -__- one day i will shoot them...i love your eye make up btw<3 take care darling.

  3. oh i get it from photographers and from music and i think i love this blog more than any blog out there really b/c your taking your time to help people who are still new to this :) thank you hannah!
    oh and movies! movies i think are a big one the thing is i dont know what to do with all the inspiration :) but i think i have a better idea now thanks again!

  4. could you suggest some good starting points for learning more about the history of photo and etc? I love photography but know nothing about the history.