Monday, April 12, 2010

Which camera to start off with..

Okay, this is probably the most annoying question I receive daily. Personally, when I first started off photo. I knew NOTHING about it. I had a power-shot camera (canon sd550). It was probably about 2 years ago was when I first got my DSLR.
I never asked anyone for advice, and most people I knew had a Nikon. I was obsessed and used the Nikon d80 at the beginning. But, when I bought my own camera, somehow , i dont remember how, i ended up buying the XTi. I knew nothing about dslr. I bought a book about it and read, and i only knew about the 50mm f/1.8 because my friend had it on his nikon. Anyways. I got the lens before the body. And it would just sit on my table, collecting dust. I saved up my allowance for a few weeks and had b-day money and bought the xti. Anyways, I hate how so many people worry about the camera more then the talent behind it. To be honest with you, I know many people who started out with not the BEST camera's out there and produced better images then they do with their fancy 30k H3D's.

Okay, look at Juergen Teller . He's shooting Marc Jacobs and ID magazine covers, blah blah...He shoots with a Contax g2 and a flash that comes with it. Enough said.

You dont need a fancy 4k camera when you start. Or even when you are really good. It's really mainly about the talent behind the camera and how you work with your mind and light and models. It's about your vision.

I dont think I have a fancy kit. Right now I own a 50mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2 and a 5D mark 1. NOTHING ELSE, except a reflector and my Elan 7a canon. I barely have any camera equipment. You just have to make the best out of it in my case.

Anyways, those were a few things I needed to lay off my chest.

Me and my little 5D <3


  1. i LOVE that photo of you.
    and your cute booties.

  2. and your hair and your 5D and all your books and EVERYTHING. wonderful self portrait Hannah! and wonderful posts lately i must say!

  3. What did you first start taking pictures of? Did you just use friends as models? Also at what point did you get photoshop?

  4. My first DSLR was the same camera. Many times when people ask me what kind of camera I use, I tell them to get a disposable and start there.

  5. this is so true. i've seen so many people buying themselves a expensive camera and they can't even use it. and then complain: "i have such an amazing camera, but my images aren't good."

    sometimes people told me: "why did you start with a nikon d40x? it's the cheapest they have.." but when i showed them my pictures they were speechless.

    people have to realize that money can't by talent!

  6. Great point made.
    I'm just making do with whatever tools i have on my hand. Mostly just the phone camera and digital cameras. Lighting's really important.

  7. Yes! This is exactly what my photography teacher says. It's not the equipment, but the photographer's talent and abilities. The who shoots at the football games in my school has an amazing camera, with amazing lenses and stuff, but the images are not the best, bad composition, bad shots, bad pictures! And I really hate when some people believe they're photography masters just because the own a